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Bird Dog Scents

Our Bird Dog Scents have been used by professional trainers for years to develop dog’s sense of smell. Dogs readily use this training when they get out in the field.

Bird Dog Scent is ideal for training all types of bird dogs. This concentrated formula is extremely effective. Even the most inexperienced dogs quickly recognize the scent of birds they will find in the field.

Available in 2 oz., 4 oz., and 16 oz.

Breaking and Trailing Scents

Our Breaking Scents stop your dog from being sidetracked and taking off after unwanted game. Entirely humane, effective and quick. Makes the smell of unwanted game offensive to dog.

Our Trailing Scents leave a “hot” live game trail. Easy to use. Dogs learn to find and trail game fast with the aid of this training scent. Apply to drag/dummy and lay a trail. At the end of the trail, hang the drag in the brush, tie in a tree or drop it in a hole out of the dog’s reach.

Available in 2 oz., 4 oz., and 16 oz.

Dog Care Products
Heat-X is a dusting powder used to mask the mating odors of female dogs in heat. By using Heat-X during those “trying” times, unwanted litters can be prevented, and your dog can be worked or can even be shown without suffering unwanted distractions of the male. Easy to use.

Available in 2 1/2 oz. powder.
NSC's famous Blue Foot is extremely effective for toughening and protecting dogs pads. Blue Foot is also used as an aid in healing cracked or sore pads, which can easily put your dog out of action. Light application twice weekly maintains toughness.

Available in 4 oz. unbreakable bottle.

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